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Body Fitness

Body Fitness

*DISCLAIMER:  We make no health claims, we are not Doctors, we never played a Doctor on TV, but we have stayed at Holiday Inns. 

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Like so many things in the modern world, we make fitness way too complicated.  We hear about this exercise program and that program, rest days, steady state cardio vs HITT, micros, macros, pre-workout and so on.  But really it’s all just Bullshit.  Recent surveys show only 25% of us are getting enough exercise. So here is the deal, just go do something, on a consistent basis and you will build momentum.  Over the course of time your small daily physical effort will compound into amazing results. 

SNE Body Fitness:  It’s Simple, Just not Easy

Flexibility and Mobility:  If we can’t move, the rest of it doesn’t matter.  Hips, hamstrings, shoulders and back then work outwards from there.  Using dynamic crawling and yoga while also relying on many traditional static stretches you have seen in the past we want to increase our functional range of motion and make ourselves more athletic and less injury prone.

Sprint and Walk:  Sprint like a bear is chasing you.  Walk like you are gathering food for your family.  Looking at our primal ancestors they had to be able to sprint in order to avoid getting eaten and then ramble about gathering food and hunting in order to eat.  Maybe we should incorporate what we were designed to do.

Body Weight Exercises:  I remember every fitness evaluation or PT Qualification I ever participated in, they all included push-ups, sit-ups, pull ups and timed bridges.  Those are all body weight exercises.  Keeping things simple we build body weight or calisthenics into our daily routine.  Sometimes we use equipment like rings, pull-up bars, pull-up assistance bands, parallel bars, but if you don’t have that you have no excuse because there are countless body weight exercises that don’t require any equipment.

Resistance Training:  Not necessary, but I like to “Lift Heavy Shit.”  Deadlifts, kettlebells, clubs, battle ropes, sandbags and tires.  I don’t know why I like these torture items so much, but I do.  Maybe it’s because it keeps me from running.  These types of activities are sprinkled into your weekly plan.  

Just remember, everything you just read above is simple.  The part that is not easy, is getting started and consistently building daily momentum over a period of time.  I guarantee you will see noticeable changes in your life if you follow a simple daily body fitness routine.  The only time this stuff does not work is when you don’t do it.

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