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Forest Raised Pigs

Forest Raised Pigs

Bacon is Better when it comes from the forest. Pigs raised in the forest get to forage and root like pigs are supposed to do.  This helps produce a happy healthy pig that allows us to put some amazing meat on our family’s table.   They also can help regenerate or clear forest land for you.  Lots of times you can make use of “unusable” land to build productive areas for forest raised pigs. 

Ethically Raised Pigs in the Forest

Our goal is to basically create a playground in the woods for the pigs.  Forest raised pigs are able to roam around large areas rooting in the forest floor looking for food.  Some people will call this a Silvopasture, but we don’t really tree farm so I don’t think we get to use that cool word.  However, having pigs in the forest is a stark contrast to the life they live in a feedlot.  Not being confined to over-crowded small spaces allows forest raised pigs to be raised without antibiotics or growth hormones.  This natural, stress free environment allows for the pig to live a happy and healthy life before their one bad day. 

What Forest Raised Pigs Eat

Pigs will eat almost anything.  In the forest that means grubs, bugs, snakes, nuts, berries and almost anything else they can find in the forest.  They will also get supplemental natural pig feed.  Plus any garden scraps or unsold fruit and vegetables gets fed to the pigs.  They love watermelon as much as I do.  While these silly guys and girls are rooting through the forest floor they are also helping regenerate the micro-ecosystem.  Unknown to my little bacon bites they are actually continually improving the health of the forest.  After they move to a different section, we will thin out what they cleared and plant some ground cover so the next round of pigs have even healthier food options.

Forest Raised Pigs Taste Better and have Higher Nutrition Density

Forest raised pork, the other white meat…well not really.  Different breeds of pigs obviously produce different types of meat.  However, forest raised Berkshire pigs produce a flavorful, marbled, deep red meat.  For many people they may not be able to tell if they are eating beef or pork.  I will tell you everything from the chops to the bacon is better.  Mmnnn… Bacon

Not only does the more natural diet of forest raised pork make the meat taste better it is actually better for you.  Do you like a healthy heart?  How about a highly functioning brain?  Well that is what Omega-3 Fatty Acids do.  Guess what has higher levels of these great Fatty Acids, yup… pasture raised pork.

Forest Raised Pigs Near Me?

Head over to the source of all truth and knowledge, Google and simple type in “Forest Raise Pigs Near Me.”  Sometimes, you might have to use forest raised pork near me, but either way Sir Google should spit out a ton of options.

Other great ways to find forest raised pork for sale is at your local farmers markets.  Lots of farmers even sell their farm fresh meat at a farm store right on their property.  Some Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) programs have meat options.  Other options are to just ask around, you are bound to find someone who knows where to find local farm fresh pork.

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