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Live Simple Not Easy

So there I was, 43 years old January 31st 2021 and I remember thinking, Did I just break my brain?  Maybe it’s a stroke?  For the first time in my life I legit had the feeling that my future is not going to be as good as the past.  Now, this feeling had nothing to do with the Pandemic BS, or the chaos of our political system fueled by the F-ing 24 hour news propaganda machine.  (By the way if you don’t like swearing, probably not the best site for you).  This was some deep at your core shit.  It took me about a week to wrestle with that thought, then I was like “yeah f#$@ that,” that is not how I want to think.  Don’t get me wrong, I have a great life.  But I have always had this little itch, something I wanted to do, something I wanted to become, something more and this thought brought that itch roaring back like a freight train.

That is when I came across a clip by Joe Rogan, I think he was promoting Onit. (Thank you to the Energy of the Universe)  He talked about becoming the hero or your own movie (life).  “If your life was a movie and it started now…what would the hero of your life’s movie do right now?  Do that, do those things.”  So I wrote down some goals, things I wanted to do, discussed them with my wife and away we went.

That is what Simple Not Easy is all about.  Living a Simple Life and doing things in a simple manner, which is not always easy.  But doing the things and living intentionally is for sure worth it.  You’ll find an eclectic mix of stuff on this site, some of it makes no sense together, but that’s our life.  So we are going to look to the future and live as the heroes of our own lives.  This way when it’s our time to go, we are limping into heaven, scratched up, bruised, bleeding AND smiling…like, Bro we are here!  Thank you for the righteous journey of life.


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Someone Loves Hammock Time
#labradorsofinstagram #hammock #crazydog

Someone Loves Hammock Time
#labradorsofinstagram #hammock #crazydog

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Batch one for the year…second round next week 

Batch one for the year…second round next week

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More pictures of the goobers ...

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Tomatoes going in ...

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Learning how to share ...

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Too many suds at the pub ...

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Before and After
#kubota #stihl

Before and After
#kubota #stihl

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First hunt of the year in the books #ducks #duckdog #duckhunting

First hunt of the year in the books #ducks #duckdog #duckhunting ...

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