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Welcome to our little corner of the internet where if I am lucky, maybe my mother and sister are following our pursuit of self-sufficiency, where cooking mastery, and flavor nirvana collide! (Yup, I did just substitute Flavor Nirvana for flavor profiles) We are a family who really enjoys the art of cooking, easy recipes and the tools that make it all possible. I may have a slight addiction to gadgets and cooking equipment, that Amazon does not help.  Our goal is to produce as much as our own food as possible and then to create dishes using these items. We love to grill and smoke food.  You’ll see we also use a ton of cast iron and will cook over an open fire from time to time.


This section of our site is going to feature a  mix of cooking equipment, gadget reviews, and delicious recipes that we’ve tested and approved ourselves.  One day we might be reviewing a grill and then another day we are highlighting a jerky recipe we like.  Who knows what we will be posting.  Whatever we are going to be doing we are going to be looking for maximum flavor, having maximum fun and putting a little love back into cooking.

Cooking Equipment

Is it even possible to make an edible meal without the right cooking equipment?  Knives, gadgets, cookware and grills are some of my favorites.  I do love my meat grinders and sausage stuffers as well because, duh, they give me sausage.

Cooking Knives

Might sound silly, but I think good knives are one of the most important items when cooking.  The ability to trim meat, filet fish and prep veggies effectively kinda sets the tone for how the cook is going to go.  You want to make sure that you have high quality knives and that you care for them relentlessly.  Proper knife storage and regular sharpening is going to keep your dicing, slicing and chopping effortless.

Grills and Over the Fire Cooking Equipment

Charcoal and Firewood for Cooking is amazing.  Tasty crispy bits of rustic smoky flavor adds a natural layer of flavor to your meal.  Whether using an open fire tripod or a Santa Maria-Style grill there is just something primal about grilling and over the fire cooking.  Now I will say we use the daylights out of our Blackstone Grill.  The easy operation and different cooking method lets us toss together a yummy meal a little quicker.  Grills, fire pits, rustic over the fire gear are awesome additions to your cooking equipment arsenal.

Cooking Equipment Gadgets

Who doesn’t love gadgets, especially when talking about cooking equipment?  Side note, I really didn’t know how to categorize all these items, so Gadgets sounded fun.  These little tools make your cooking process easier and in some cases are essential for getting your favorite recipes correct.  Having items like a quality meat thermometer available especially when cooking over an open fire is imperative.  Cooking equipment like sturdy cutting boards, peelers that don’t cut your fingers and vegetable washing tools will help make your cooking adventures seem like a breeze.  These gadgets also help with storage that will allow you to have everything you need at your fingertips.

Cooking Appliances

Gadgets are cool, but cooking appliances add an entirely different level to my Amazon addiction.  So many of these appliances have frankly revolutionized the way we cook and carry out tasks in the kitchen.  When the 4am alarm sounds, my kitchen already smells like my favorite Black Rifle Coffee blend.  Well, that is if I remember to set the coffee pot up the night before.  Or, god willing I’ll never have to hand stuff sausage again because my meat grinder now offers that process.  Oh, wait my beef, deer or turkey jerky in the dehydrator or smoker.  Ok, I gotta stop, the list goes on forever…  


Pots, pans and Cast Iron… Oh My.  Sorry, that isn’t how that goes, but it should.  When it’s time to put the heat to your upcoming meal and you aren’t grilling, you are going to need some pots and pans.  We love cast iron, it’s perfect for almost anything.  Sometimes thorough, good non-stick is needed.  And don’t forget those specialty items, crab cookers, blanchers, oven pans.  This is another list that can go on forever.

Serving Items

Ok, we are guilty here.  If at all possible our serving dishes is our cookware.  Really, why do more dishes than you have to.  However, when it comes to having guests over or fancying the joint up we have to use serving items.  For me the cool factor of wood is my favorite, but seriously to showcase the hard work you put into cooking does require stylish platters, bowls and utensils.


The collision between chemistry and art!  Recipes by definition are a set of directions on how to precisely prepare a certain dish.  Sometimes you need exact measurements, while many times “a dash will do ya.”  However, do you remember Grandma’s (insert your favorite Grammie Dish), it was amazing.  Want to know the ingredient that was in all her cooking that made it so good?  Yup, love!  If you cook with love and get remotely close to the recipe and don’t use your smoke detectors as a oven timer, you can’t go wrong.  Remember, cooking should be fun.  It is an art.  Layer your flavors into the dish just like an artist add depth to a painting with her magical brush strokes.

Yummy Recipes