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Regenerative Fruit

Regenerative Fruit

Watermelon, peaches, strawberries, blueberries and pears are my top 5 favorite regenerative fruits.  Fruit trees and berry bushes are a cornerstone of what we are trying to create on our property.  And yes, I know sometimes I refer to berries as fruit, it’s just the way I am.  We are working hard to incorporate animals and bees into our fruit production to add diversity to our little ecosystem.

Animals and Regenerative Fruit

Yes, I am really leading with animals when talking about Regenerative Fruit.  It is basically because when my simple brain thinks fruit, I think about sweet peach juice running down the side of my mouth.  One way to really improve soil around your fruit trees and berry bushes is to move your animals around them.  All summer our chicken tractor will move throughout the fruit trees and we’ll have the girls in the Egg Mobile do the same.  Chickens pooping, scratching and eating pests will help improve yields but more importantly our soil.

Nutrient Density of Regenerative Fruit

By using regenerative practices you are going to grow better, more nutrient-dense fruit.  This is accomplished by focusing on building soil that is full of microorganisms and nutrients.  In the long run this translates into better health and wellbeing of your family.  Now in the short term that means yummy peach cobbler or spitting cherry pits at my wife until she finally hollers at me.

Biodiversity and Fruit Trees

For us the biodiversity when it comes to regenerative fruit is very similar to regenerative vegetables [] and regenerative flowers it just seems to be higher. Healthy fruit trees are going to contribute on the ground level, but up high is where things get cool.  Birds of prey, as long as they are not eating our chickens or rabbits they are some of the most awesome things to watch hunt.  Speaking of flying things that leads us into the hardest working pollinators on the planet, Honey Bees

Bees as Pollinators

Look out, here comes Mr. Buzz Buzz.  Regenerative fruit and Honey Bees have a tightly wound symbiotic relationship.  Without bees, I wouldn’t be able to carve a chunk of apple off with the blade of my nasty ass pocket knife.  And without fruit trees I wouldn’t be able to have honey.  Bees are essential in fruit production.  By adding some beehives on the farm your ground fruit and fruit trees will definitely benefit.

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