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Pasture Raised Chickens

Pasture Raised Chickens

Discover the Difference:  Pasture Raised Chickens are absolutely delicious and so are their eggs.  I remember the first time my family had pasture-raised chickens from a local Amish Farm, they were all like “this is the best chicken we have ever had.”  The freezers have been kept full of whole birds ever since.  If it is the healthy edible eggs you are looking for, the deep yellow / orange yokes these birds produce is out of this world good.  Ethically raised chickens on pasture are much healthier due to their diets and are not given antibiotics.  These birds live a much better life than the mass produced birds in chicken houses and only have one bad day in their lives.

Ethically Raised Chickens on Pasture

I love animals and I love to eat.  Some people have a hard time bridging the gap (have fun with your nutrient deficiency auto-immune diseases caused by a vegan diet.)  For my family it is easy, treat all animals you harvest with the utmost respect and give the ones you raise the best life possible.  We treat broilers with the same respect as the egg laying flock.

In our opinion ethical farming practices are essential to our sustainable and regenerative agriculture plan. Pasture-raised chicken live a significantly better life than the birds who are confined to conventional chicken farms.  Now don’t get me wrong, these conventionally raised chickens are an essential part of the global food chain, but just not for my family.  With ample space to move around, even while in over-sized chicken tractors, these chickens get to forage.  We believe a stress free, happy chicken makes for a much tastier bird at the dinner table and provides better eggs for omelets.

What Pasture Raised Chickens Eat

The more diversity in humans’ diets the more healthy we are.  Same holds true for pasture-raised chickens.  They enjoy a daily, natural chicken buffet of grasses, insects, seeds and a natural blend chicken feed.  Proper hydration is a key component of their health so a constant supply of fresh water is always available.  Unlike conventional farmed chickens, pasture raised chickens are not given antibiotics, growth hormones or weird animal by-products.  Their foraging and nature feed improve their immune systems so these synthetics are not necessary.

Better Taste and Higher Nutrition Value

Pasture raised chicken meat is a full flavor explosion.  It has a more robust taste while the texture of the meat is not mushy like grocery store chicken.  Once you bite into your first pasture raised chicken you are going to be hooked.  And the Eggs!  You will notice a huge difference in the quality of eggs these birds produce.  Nutritionally, these birds and eggs are far superior.  When raised on pasture, the levels of Omega-3 fatty acids are much higher and they have an increased level of vitamins and minerals.  This happier, healthier and much more flavorful chicken is gaining popularity.  I think the farm fresh eggs have already caught on.

Pasture Raised Chicken Near Me?

Are you wondering where to buy pasture raised chicken?  How about pasture raised eggs.  Step number one is to simply type into the Google search bar, Pasture Raised Chicken Near Me or Pasture Raised Eggs Near Me.  Magically, Google will somehow figure out where you are and give you a bunch of options.  You can also check out your local Farmers’ Markets, small private grocery stores or many farms that are offering Farm Fresh Meat at an on farm store or even online.   Sometimes, if you are lucky your local farmer will offer a Farm Fresh Meat CSA or even a delivery service.  If you do a little looking, you will be surprised how easy it is to find pasture raised chickens.

If you haven’t tried sourcing your chicken or eggs from pasture raised chickens on a regenerative farm, do yourself a favor and give it a go.  I promise you will not be upset with the decision.  Food prices seem to keep rising while the quality continues to plummet.  If you are into healthy eating, food security or like us want your food to be grown and treated ethically, pasture raised chicken and eggs are an easy option to get your family started.

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